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enabling you to achieve a

Quicker, Less Painful and Less Costly

separation or divorce

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Divorce is one of the most stressful and challenging of life’s events,


At a time of incredible emotional upheaval, we also have to re-invent our future, manage a new financial reality and often care for children who are upset.


All this, at a time when we are very vulnerable and may want to just hide away.

Divorce coaching sits between the legal advice of a solicitor and the emotional support of a therapist. It offers practical advice and gives you the support and guidance you need to navigate through this tricky time and discover a positive future for yourself.

Positively Survive Divorce

What is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce coaching in short, is practical and emotional support which will enable you to positively survive divorce and avoid the pitfalls that make it such a destructive process.

Through a series of one to one expertly guided conversations, I will help you to reframe a difficult time in your life and change it into an opportunity, allowing you to seize control and achieve a positive future.

What is Divorce Coachin

What Can Divorce Coaching

Help Me With?

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Should I stay or should I go?

Should we have a trial              separation?

Is divorce right for me now?

Thinking Man on Couch

Your emotions...

  • Dealing with rejection, betrayal, guilt etc etc.

  • Building your confidence and self worth.

  • Increasing positivity. 

  • Gaining control.

Birthday Games


  • What's best for my kids?

  • How do I listen to their voice?

  • Child contact agreements.

  • Supporting your children.

Variety of Coins


  • Concerns about financial security.

  • Financial fairness.

  • Financial future.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

The process..

  • Working with the legal profession.

  • Support with the papers.

  • Sounding board for options available.



Other challenges..

  • Infidelity.

  • Wider family issues.

  • Health concerns.

Family Dispute


  • Communicating with your ex.

  • Conflict management.

  • Asserting yourself.

The Future

The future....

  • Establishing who you are now.

  • Creating a new future and an action plan to get there.

  • Dating support.


What are the


of using a divorce coach?

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What are the benefits?

Have a cheaper, quicker and less painful divorce

Helps guard against the process becoming destructive

Provides insight/support on the divorce process and available options.

Offers consistent support when you don’t want to keep leaning on friends and family. This process is all consuming for a long time and can be draining for everybody.

An unbiased sounding board to explore the options available to you.

Helps you keep sight of what you and your family need and gives practical tools for achieving it

Helps you to positively survive divorce

Provides you with the confidence to make the right decisions for you.

Unbiased practical advice

Do I need a Divorce Coach?

So, you already have a solicitor and maybe even a therapist. Why do you need a divorce coach?



Most people experiencing a divorce will need a good solicitor who can advise them on the legal process.

Nevertheless, a good solicitor will be the first to tell you that they are not the best people to offer emotional support or to explore your non legal options with. Remember; solicitors charge for every six minutes of their time and utilising them inappropriately can soon deplete even the healthiest of budgets.

It is also worth highlighting that the legal process is combative by nature and can sometimes escalate matters unnecessarily.

Exploring your options with a coach will help you decide if the legal route is the right path for you. It will then help you to understand what you want to achieve and support you in instructing your solicitor appropriately.


This will save you money and allow your solicitor to focus on what they do best.


Therapy can be invaluable in helping you deal with the emotional distress associated with divorce and separation. This requires an investment of time, energy and money, often over many months.

Coaching adds a dimension by offering an immediate and pragmatic mechanism to help you explore what is happening now and to make the right decisions in the moment.


Additionally, coaching assumes that you are a healthy functioning individual who does not need to be fixed.  You know what's best for you , the answers are there; divorce coaching helps you discover them.

Do I need a divorce coach?


 Until I found Amanda, I was using my very expensive solicitor to ratify my decisions and support me when things got rough. Coaching with Amanda changed the landscape for me. Her kind but challenging style got immediately to the heart of the matter and I left my first session with more clarity, motivation and confidence than I'd had in months.

All at a fraction of the cost!

Jessica - 52 - happily divorced

Amanda helps me see the wood from the trees. This process is draining, and stressful but Amanda helps me to focus on the right things and has got me over a number of hurdles. She has also focussed me on my future and helped me to set goals which I am excited about.

If you are getting divorced, call Amanda; you won't regret it.

Stephen - 46 - soon to be divorced

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