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Reset Divorce Coaching was established by me, Amanda Gardiner:  qualified executive and business coach, survivor of an acrimonious divorce and single mum to three daughters.

My own divorce was long, emotionally agonising and cripplingly expensive.


With hindsight I realised that the journey could have been so much better if I had trusted my own opinion more and had the confidence to do what I felt was right.

“My divorce had everything: long term relationship, infidelity, child access issues, shared business interest, mental health problems etc etc.

During the tumultuous process, it was so difficult to trust my own judgement. I often put my own views on the back burner and opted to follow the advice of friends and family or my solicitor; none of whom were unbiased.

Had I had the opportunity to unpack the challenges as they arose and work through them in a safe place with an unbiased sounding board, I firmly believe better solutions and outcomes could have been achieved.”



I was left with a passion to use my coaching skills to help others actively survive divorce and achieve a positive future.

“Divorce coaching will give you the power to manage your divorce to your advantage. My approach is positive, supportive and encouraging. You are an individual. Your situation presents a unique set of circumstances, worries and challenges. For this reason, I work one to one with you and you won’t find online courses or steps to success on my website. My service is bespoke to you”

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