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Welcome to The Divorce Hive

Are you divorced or in the process of divorcing?

Whatever your particular flavour of divorce has been, it can be an incredibly difficult time and it may have left you exhausted, lacking in confidence and pessimistic about the future.

Following my own divorce, it became my passion to help mid-life women like you, who need to recreate a positive future as a result of divorce; to help you seize the opportunity that divorce has given you and to encourage you to build a shiny, exciting and aspirational future.

Enter The Divorce Hive!

The Divorce Hive is a completely free community of like-minded women, all recreating fabulous lives after divorce.

If you are fed up with just about SURVIVING and want to start truly THRIVING, come and join us for information, advice, support and community alongside a good dose of hope, inspiration and motivation.

If you would like to get ideas, encouragement and the benefit of shared experience, then you are in the right place.


If you want to feel part of something and less alone, you are in the right place.


Most importantly, if you want to create a positive, thriving future for yourself; to regain your mojo, to feel empowered, equipped and excited about the future; you are in the right place.

Remember, divorce happens for you, not to you.


Come and join us in our Facebook group here.



Amanda xx


The Divorce Hive's Reset Programme

A positive and uplifting group coaching programme
taking you from being destroyed by your divorce
to acing your Act 2 in 12 weeks.
Summer Outfit

Are you ready to transform from unsure and pessimistic about your future,
to confident and excited about the incredible new beginning
that is yours for the taking?

Jumping with Joy

The Reset Programme

The Reset Programme offers you:

  • Weekly live group coaching sessions via Zoom to guide you to design, research and create your fabulous future.

  • Self-guided workbooks, checklists, and planners.

  • Expert speakers on topics that all mid-life divorcees are interested in (managing the ex, dating, living solo, purpose and passion, money and investments, career and business, health and beauty, fashion, parenting, and much more).

  • Live virtual community cafés to share experiences and meet like-minded women.

  • A Private Facebook community.

  • Lifetime access to all material and recordings.

A 12 week coaching programme to provide you with information, inspiration, motivation and excitement as you envision, create and start to live that wonderful new existence


Alisha, 46

“This course made me wish I’d got divorced earlier.” 

Winnie, 57

“I didn’t think I had an Act 2 in me but how wrong I was. I hate the expression “living my best life” but my goodness that is what I am doing.”

Sarah, 52

"Just life changing!"

Are you ready to transform from unsure and pessimistic about your future,
to confident and excited about the incredible new beginning
that is yours for the taking?

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Fabulous Future?

Programme Fee - £495
- All live coaching sessions via Zoom
- Lifetime access to recorded sessions
to re-watch at your leisure.
- Workbooks, checklists and planners.
- Expert speakers.
- Access to virtual cafes to meet
like-minded women
- A Private Facebook Community
just for your cohort.

Most importantly.... for the price of a weekend away
it gives you back your
fabulous future!

Are you ready?

Orange Balloon

 The Reset Programme Delivers:

 A Positive

This programme helps you alter your mindset and see the opportunity that divorce has gifted you

Divorce can thoroughly disrupt your life and the future can seem bleak, or at least not what you planned. have an exciting and positive future, full of opportunity!

It's so important to actively create a new beginning.

The Reset programme offers you a framework with group coaching sessions to do exactly that.

Information & Advice

The programme provides the advice and information you need to envision that new start and it will support you as you put a plan in place to achieve it.

The Divorce Hive will give you information and advice by the bucket load.

Expert speakers, hive knowledge and of course our unique group coaching programme  guiding you through every aspect of creating your Act 2.

Community & Support

The Reset Programme will deliver motivation, inspiration and accountability through a private community of like-minded women doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.

Come and join your tribe in secure online forums and virtual cafes, 



I am really dedicated to making sure that everybody on the course steps into their own positive future. That takes focus and committment and so, the programme only launches twice a year.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and really seize that new start; you can register your interest here and make sure you are at the top of the list for the next cohort.


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