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Welcome to The Divorce Hive.

Are you facing separation or divorce?

Firstly, I'm sorry you find yourself in that place. It can be a really challenging time when a marriage comes to an end.

Maybe this was not the plan and you are feeling sad, abandoned, anxious, hopeless or helpless? 


Or, perhaps you initiated this difficult change and now, you want to make sure that your future is everything you dreamed it could be?

Whatever your start point on this journey, we at The Divorce Hive are your tribe.

The Divorce Hive is an online community of women, all going through the same thing at the same time.

If you would like to get information, support and the benefit of shared experience, then you are in the right place.


If you want to feel part of something and less alone, you are in the right place.


Most importantly, if you want to create a positive, thriving future for yourself; to regain your mojo, to feel empowered, equipped and excited about the future; you are in the right place.

Remember, divorce happens for you, not to you.


Come and join us.




Membership to The Divorce Hive gives you:

Regular Expert Speakers

A wide range of experts will share their knowledge with you. Whether it's financial advice and career tips. Ideas on how to work with your legal team or getting the most from mediation. Coping emotionally and supporting your children through divorce and of course, some lighter-hearted topics including, wellbeing, fashion and beauty! 

Group Coaching (twice a month)

Getting you through and beyond divorce with the guided creation of goals and plans to execute them.

Weekly Surgery with an accredited and experienced  Divorce Coach

Open forum live q&a with an accredited divorce coach.

Hive Cafe (3 times a week)

Meet other women going through the same thing, gain support and share experiences in our virtual cafes.

24/7 Community Hub

A place to seek advice, information and support in a safe and confidential space.

On-demand 12 module Divorce Course

A comprehensive guide to getting divorced and what you need to think about and consider.

Why Join The Divorce Hive?

Community & Support

Do you feel isolated? Alone? Unsure? Directionless?

That's all normal.

You need a community of women who will lift you up when you are down. Who will encourage you and inspire you to find your future.

A place to find support and the benefit of others' knowledge and experience.

Come and join your tribe in secure online forums and virtual cafes, 


Information & Advice

Divorce can seem overwhelming.

"What do I do first?"
"How do I protect myself?"
"What's the process?"
"Who can help me?"
"What are the implications for my children, my finances and my future?"

The Divorce Hive will give you information and advice by the bucket load.

Expert speakers, hive knowledge and of course our unique 10 step Divorce course guiding you through every aspect of getting divorced.

 A Positive

What now?

Divorce can thoroughly disrupt your life and the future can seem bleak or at least not what you planned.

But...you have an exciting and positive future, full of opportunity!

It's so important to actively create a new beginning.

The Hive offers you that framework with group coaching sessions to get you through and beyond

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