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Married, Divorced, Survived!

You’ve been married, you got divorced and you survived. So, what’s next?

Join Amanda, an experienced divorce coach, survivor of infidelity, betrayal and full-on divorce war, as she explores how midlife women can seize the opportunity that divorce has given them (however reluctantly) to build a shiny, exciting and aspirational future.

Listen for inspiration and ideas to help you create a magnificent Act 2 as we talk to people who’ve done just that and bring you tips from experts in all of the areas that interest midlife divorcees.

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Trailer: Married, Divorced, Survived

A quick introduction to the podcast. What you can expect and what to look forward to.....

Episode 1: From Heartbreak to Hope

Hear writer Leah Gail's inspirational divorce story and get some top tips from clinical psychologist Leigh Curtis on how to cope with those early days following a painful break up.

Episode 2: How bad is bad enough to leave?

Amanda talks to Helen Turner about why she made the decision to leave her 30 year marriage and Nova Cobban gives us some great tips on how to be sure you are making the right decision about whether to stay in your marriage or to leave it.

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