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From endings to beginnings:
because divorce is the end of a chapter and not the end of the book.

Join The Divorce Hive Book Club to explore uplifting and motivating personal development books which will help you navigate your break up and move on after it.

If you are ready to create a truly fantastic and aspirational post-divorce life, this is for you.

Divorce can be one of THE most difficult experiences of a person’s life. Everything you thought your future held has disappeared. Your dreams, your family and your finances are all impacted.


Divorce also offers a HUGE opportunity. You now have the chance to create a truly wonderful future. A future which looks exactly the way you want it to, that is fulfilling, purposeful and most of all, packed with all the good stuff.

If you are divorced and you want to start living that shiny new future OR you are divorcing and need to see some light at the end of the tunnel, then this book club is absolutely for you.


The book club offers the opportunity to create an action plan for the future by digesting a new inspirational book every month with community and discussion alongside group coaching and book guidance.

Features and Benefits
What you get.....
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So, if you are ready for a positive focus and the opportunity to take control of your direction of travel and future, come and join us.


Our community is fun, supportive and uplifting. We also hold each other to account so that we all get going with that magnificent new beginning.

You’ll have a qualified and experienced coach in your pocket offering you a helping hand through your divorce and encouraging you as you decide what’s next.


You’ll also have a structure to support you as you step forward with an emphasis on adventure, excitement and enthusiasm.

Are you ready to transform from unsure and pessimistic about your future,
to confident and excited about the incredible new beginning
that is yours for the taking?

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Fabulous Future?

Book Club Membership Fee = £12 a month

That's it!
You can cancel whenever you like,
there's NO commitment.

If you are ready to invest in your future happiness and take control of your own future then this is an affordable and fun way to do it.

So.... for the price of a takeaway coffee every week you can start creating your own fabulous future!

Are you ready?
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I was utterly destroyed by my ex husband’s infidelity with a friend of mine and by the acrimonious divorce that followed.

Whilst the journey was not easy, today, I can genuinely say I am happy and excited about my future. In fact, I am loving being totally in control of my own destiny and what’s more, the process of creating that destiny is fun.

Books have played a big part in that transformation offering advice, direction, inspiration and humour.

The DH book club provides a place where books can do this for you too.

I’m also a divorce coach and as the cost of living crisis continues to bite, I meet more and more women going through divorce or rebuilding afterwards who need support but simply can’t stretch to a divorce coach. The book club is a way to access support and coaching in an affordable way.

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