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Coping With Your Divorce through Holistic Well-being

Guest Blog Post from Helen Turner - Well-Being Expert and Creator of Luxury Skin Care Brand: KCH Life.

When I first started writing this, I admit I was on auto pilot believing I was addressing this to women. The reality is, the very same information applies to men too. Both men and women need to nurture themselves and do what is needed to help them through difficult times.

When we are dealing with life's traumas, say divorce or separation, it can be a draining experience, even when the split is ‘amicable’. Getting the support you need, such as that offered by Reset Divorce Coaching, is one of the things that you can do to regain control of your life. As a previous client, I can assure you that Amanda will help you practically and mentally deal with the issues and feel good and confident about the decisions you are making.

Spending the time to look after yourself, doing just little things which slowly start to pick you up and help you feel more ‘normal’ is really important. Here are some other ideas:

- Having a salon treatment, massage, facial, even a small one like an eyebrow shape. I don't think it is a coincidence that so many giant beauty companies use the slogan ‘look good feel good’. Apart from an improvement to our appearance; this could be down to an awareness that we are making a decision to take care of ourselves; clawing back some control over our lives and making us feel empowered. Having experienced the trauma of divorce, I know it consumes a person and it is hard to imagine a life without angst, hurt and worries. Taking the time for more ‘normal’ everyday things could provide escapism, deflecting away from the emotions we are being forced to deal with.

- Another example of escapism which boosts well-being could be yoga and meditation. To spend time having someone instructing us on how to breathe and what to focus on, can only take thoughts away from the emotions and feelings we are dealing with. Armed with a technique, it can help us to slow down and take stock of a situation, helping to provide more clarity and confidence on our decisions. It also has the added benefit of natural endorphins being produced; a natural anti-depressant.

- Just allowing a little time for things which help and please us can have a dramatic effect on our outlook. Allowing yourself to spend a day or two involved in a hobby or craft will automatically absorb your thoughts as you learn a new skill. You can engross yourself in conversation with new people who know nothing of your current circumstances so you can choose if you talk about your life or not.

All in all, it seems, life will throw some curve balls at us. We can only do our best to deal with them. But if we are at our best, physically and mentally, then it could be, that we deal with them more effectively without draining ourselves of energy and emotion and always with a positive outlook preparing for when we throw the ball back!

Helen Turner

KCH Body-Aesthetics-Skincare

Caroline Miller

Yoga Nut

Alisa Law

Glass Alissa

Caroline Kerslake

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